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New Music Seminar, Margaret Cho and Cupcakes
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If you've stopped by the Section 101 site lately, you may have noticed that we were gearing up to be one of the sponsors of this summer's New Music Seminar in New York City. Taking place July 19-21, at the famed Webster Hall, we not only got to meet many of the attendees who came by the S101 Booth to say 'Hello,' but I also got to participate in the event. I was asked to do an '18 Minute Intensive' talk, TED style; in other words, I was to pick a topic I had expertise in, and felt passionate about, and talk. Ask any one who knows me, speaking about something that excites me has never been a problem!

"Branding" was the topic I chose to discuss. Many people in the music industry make false assumptions about what the word brand means. It is not the products you sell, it is who you ARE, making it one of the most important things for any artist to focus on. I spent my entire 18 minute talk - The Game Has Changed And There Are No Rules. Creating real value by getting your fans to buy into your brand  - providing real tools to authentically accomplish that task (emphasis on authentic please).

I got some terrific feedback from my "intensive" and felt very pleased that I made an impact on the people who chose to attend my speech. To that point, a few things left an impression on me as well, including the fantastic Margaret Cho moderating a panel called The Breaks: Artists discuss mentors and miracles. How they first broke through. Life changing moments. The panel featured Nile Rodgers, Swizz Beatz , Vinnie Brown from Naughty By Nature and Alex Suarez from Cobra Starship. I appreciated how the audience members were texting questions to the panelists, and every one really held their own, bringing intelligent anecdotes to the panel. Another event that left me buzzing was the closing night party at Santos featuring the band HANK & CUPCAKES. A husband and wife duo from Israel, they perform using just drum, bass and her sexy, sultry vocals. I found them to be unique, distinctive and true performers. They definitely struck a chord with me (pun intended). Check them out here:


I hope to do more of these types of speaking engagements. Our goal at S101 is to push technology forward in a way that helps promote an artist -and their brand - to the fullest capacity.