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Staying Ahead of the Change
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There is an old saying that goes "the more things change, the more they stay the same." It's a great phrase, but it is probably at its least relevant when it comes to technology. In that world, it's all about change - and it often happens so swiftly, if you blink, you might miss something.

In 2007 the website Mashable, an internet news blog, posted a comic that depicted a social "world map" of websites, where social networks were represented as countries. Myspace was the largest territory on the map, with friendster.com, classmates.com and reunion.com all taking up sizable real estate. There was LastFM, Broadcaster, Flickr and Deviant Art. ...And Facebook? In 2007, it was the same size as Livejournal, and smaller than both Okrut (a social networking site owned by Google and very prominent in India and Brazil) and Xanga (a site that hosts weblogs and photoblogs, if you're not familiar).

The map was published online less than 3 years ago, and to quote Bob Dylan, "The times they are a-changin' ": Twitter is arguably second to Facebook in social networking, but it was no where to be found on the map. Localization is an up and coming online sensation and there was no representation from any of those sites either. If this clever map from the minds of Mashable proves one thing, it's that technology changes very quickly. But there's more to factor in to this equation - th e consumer.

The consumer is fickle, and also, eager. Eager to try new things, to see what works best for them, to see what all the buzz on something is about. The best thing about technology is that it continues to innovate, it is never stagnate. This leads to a lot of initiatives leaving the starting gate, but not necessarily crossing the finish line. With all this constant change, it's hard to figure out where to invest your time and your energy.

The way the Section 101 platform is built, a user is able to try out all these innovations. It's a plug n' play, where you can pull in the latest technology and take it for a test run. Your audience will quickly let you know what's working, and in some cases, what's not. What's hot 2 years ago won't necessarily be hot 2 years from now, which is why S101 allows its users to bring things and and take things out when the time is right. There are core things you may always want on your site, like blogging or being able to tweet. But then you may want to try and mobilize your fan base by using localization. One site that looks cool right now may be phased out by a better one, and the best thing about S101 is you'd be able to swap it out seamlessly. And if your fan base seems to focus more on tweeting the last song you played at your sold out gig rather than meeting up for an impromptu jam, than you know how to tailor your site to suit your fan base best.

Part of our job is to know that technology is always evolving and allow you to explore your options. These days, a musician not only has to be their own promoter, booker, manager and A&R person, but also the tech head! It has become an additional challenge to be able to stay up to speed on technology advancements. It's ever changing and it doesn't look like it's going to stop. It's the "next best thing" that makes this world such a rollercoaster - fun, fast, twisting and turning.  We're here to help you take the ride.